Famous justifications


" There is no doubt that the regime of Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction."

- General Tommy Franks, Iraq War Commander, stated during the first press conference after the invasion


Why is this a justification?  Because if it was true, then it's a very good reason NOT to invade a country.  What sort of moron would order an invasion knowing that the invaded country could retaliate with catastrophic results?  Don't answer that question.  Rather, consider North Korea:  Why didn’t the U.S. wage pre-emptive war on that country?  After all, it threatens its neighbors, keeps its people in poverty, and is ruled by a crazy man.  Sounds a lot like pre-war Iraq.  Except that North Korea has nukes, and if you invade a country with nukes, they can turn them on you and/or your allies.  This justification – Saddam Hussein's WMDs – concealed the true reason for war, a reason for which the powers were either too ashamed of or too frightened by the potential reaction of the public to admit.  As to what, exactly, were the true reason(s) for war, you’ll need to ask Dick, George, and Donald.  Just a guess, but it might have something to do with oil...





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