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Todd Schuett is an award-winning writer, a global educator, and the world's greatest dad.  His long list of stellar achievements include climbing Mount Evans (he drove 99% of the way), swimming the Platte River (or was that wading?), and singing with the ghost of Elvis at the Grand Ole Opry.  When he's not globe trotting, he can be found in front of his computer in the outskirts of Oslo, lamenting his ex-patriotism and praying for sunshine.  If you feel insulted, demeaned, ridiculed, challenged, empowered or impaired by what you read here, direct your hate/fan mail to him.  He likes both.

Birgit Holmsen is a stunningly gifted artist, singer, actress, writer, and costume designer; the very definition of a rural diva. Among her many amazing attributes are her profound vanity, her Monty Python impersonations, and her capacity to be completely superficial without ever being revealed. If you don't like the graphics you see here, she's the one to blame.




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